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Monday, August 22, 2011

Leaking Oil

After dropping Brandon off at day camp this morning, I had to take our truck back to G&J Auto to have a gasket replaced on the truck.  It has an oil leak that is just getting worse week by week.  It bums me out that we have to spend so much money on the truck, but I realize it does have 110,000+ miles on it and really doesn't look like it.  

I spent over an hour working in the yard this morning - mowing, pruning roses, picking weeds and pruning a few tree branches.  

Today was the prologue start of the US Pro Challenge in Colorado.  I wish I was there, but at least I can watch it on my laptop.  My favorite rider, Levi Leipheimer of Team Radioshack, took 7th place today. 

I picked up the truck this afternoon and the total bill was almost $200 less than expected.  That was good news.  The other good news is that the second leak they spotted was probably not a leak at all, but residual oil from the first leak.  That saves us another $500.  

I made panko almond whitefish, roasted rosemary potatoes and salad for dinner.  

After dinner I worked in the train room.  Brandon played around on the layout while I glued some track down.  

RR tracks that head down the center of Corvallis in the middle of 6th St.


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