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Sunday, July 3, 2011

Sickness and Errands

Brandon mentioned sickness on our first day in Oregon.  We have discussed how all three of us have been sick more these past two years and how some of it is due to being exposed to new 'germs'.  So, Brandon mentioned that it might be the same now that we are back in the US.  He even thought we would each get sick sometime in the first three months.

Well, last night Katrina got really sick...flu like symptoms...poor her.  She was up much of the night, so she ended up spending all of today in the hotel room, much of that time sleeping.

Brandon and I ventured out to give her some quiet time and to run errands.  We even ended up at the house for a few hours.

By this evening Katrina was feeling a bit better, but was very tired.  Brandon and I ate dinner at KFC without her...yuck.  I had forgotten how much I dislike that place.

We look forward to tomorrow, which we will spend at friends house for the 4th.  Hopefully everyone will be feeling better.

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