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Saturday, July 2, 2011

First Full Day in Corvallis

Well, we all got up pretty early this morning.  We don't feel very jet lagged overall.  I think its easier heading west than east.

Today we ran some errands around town - things we needed for the house like: cleaning supplies, paper towels, some basic food, etc.

We also spent some time unpacking out suitcases at the house.

Life feels a bit weird right now.  I'm not sure when or if being home will suddenly hit me (or any of us) emotionally.  We have been so busy packing, cleaning, moving, flying, unpacking and living a hotel so far.  There isn't much time  for to think about it right now.  I thought I would be sad when we took off from Italy.  Instead I just fell asleep.  I thought Brandon would be sad just about all the time.  Instead he seems very happy to be home.

This afternoon Brandon and I went to the house for awhile so that Katrina could take a nap in the hotel room.  When we returned to the hotel, a small car pulled up with a huge box in back.  I realized it was my bike box.  My bike and our suitcase finally made it.

Brandon took the suitcase into the hotel while I took my bike to the bike shop so they could put it back together and give it a tune up.  At the bike shop we noticed that the box was taped up with TSA tape.  The TSA inpected my bike.  We opened the box to find that 50 euro's worth of special packing was all cut apart and everything was just put back in the box in a jumble!  I was initially very mad.  I'm all for security.  I'm don't mind my things being inspected.  I do MIND it when they are not handled with care.  This is the second time this has happened.  In February 2010 we flew to Corvallis for a visit and I brought a new Italian model train with me.  It was packed in its original box safely inside our checked luggage.  When we arrived in Corvallis I found an inspection tag in the suitcase.  The train had been taken out of the box then shoved back in = many broken detail parts.  Once again, I think the TSA should inspect.  I also think they should do it with care and will be writing a letter to them very soon.

...I won't know if there is any mechanical damage to my bike until later in the week when the bike shop works on it.

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