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Monday, July 4, 2011

4th of July

All three of us woke up early this morning.  Brandon wasn't feeling the greatest, but mostly seemed tired.  We got ready and headed to Winco to grocery shop for all the basics - our cabinets and fridge were empty.

When we arrived at our house, Brandon still wasn't feeling very well.  We put groceries away and Katrina worked on getting our wireless router setup.  Soon after, Brandon ran to the bathroom and threw up.  His prediction of us getting sick in the first three months was changed to the first three days, though I'm not sick yet.

We headed back to the hotel so Brandon could rest.  Katrina was still feeling very tired as well.  We were supposed to spend the afternoon at our friends house.  I ended up going alone.

It was great to see our good friends Errol, Katey, Makenna, Beckett and Thatcher.  We were also introduced to their new dog, 3 rabbits and 4 chickens - all new since we moved away.  Our friend Amy and her daughter Gorga came down from Portland to join us as well.

We BBQ's hamburgers and hot dogs, drank beer and had a good ole fashioned 4th of July.  Unfortunately, Beckett was knocked in the head with the swing - crying and blood.  Katey was not feeling well and ended up going to bed early.  No fun for her - hope she gets better.

Errol and I took the kids to buy fireworks.  When it was dark enough, we did our usual lighting of the fireworks, which is always fun.  It sure was windy though.  The kids had a good time.

No pictures.  I need to remember to carry my camera with me.  I almost always carried it with me in Italy.

After the fireworks, we headed back to our hotel for one last night.  Tomorrow the movers will arrive with our goods that were in storage.  It should be interesting to see things we haven't seen or used in two years.  I feel another garage sale coming in our future.

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