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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Moving Giveaways

I had a fairly busy day today.  This morning I had a meeting at school to try and figure out who will take over my role as the PAB (Parent Advisory Board) Representative next year.  It's a time consuming, often frustrating and rewarding volunteer position.

I spent the rest of the morning and afternoon working on various organizational items around the house.  I also did some painting in Brandon's room.

At the end of the school day today I delivered a large bag of popcorn to grade 5 for an afternoon snack.  They earned a popcorn snack by winning the limbo contest at the school disco a few weeks ago.

This evening one of Brandon's classmates stopped by with her parents to look through the various items we are giving away.  They ended up taking some of our food items, a small food processor and some of our alcohol.

Each day we get a few little things complete.  Tomorrow our portania (door person), Anna, will come up and choose which plants she would like.  Her office is full of beautiful plants and I'm sure they will thrive with her care.

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