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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

More Errands and More Painting

This morning I met my friend Sheila for coffee.  We usually get to talk quite a bit at school, but we've all been very busy lately.  So, we had coffee to catch up.  Her son Hugo is in Brandon's class and they will be moving to San Francisco this summer.  Brandon is pretty excited about that!

We shared stories of packing, living in Italy and about the future.  It can all be very exciting and very stressful.  It just takes a lot of energy.

I spent the afternoon taking down pictures around the house then started painting Brandon's room.  Like the other two rooms we have to paint, his room will take two coats of paint.  Except the the built in book shelves, his room should go pretty quickly as he has big open walls to paint.  I should be done by Friday.

Another of Italy's curve balls was thrown our way this morning.  We received a letter from our satellite TV provider that our cancellation notice was not within our contract.   The letter gave an 800 number to call, so I called.  The operator told me we needed to send a registered letter with notice that we were moving out of the country.  We did that!!  So, she checked our file and found out they did have the letter on file.  We could end our contract at the end of June.  Within minutes of hanging up, the phone rang.  It was the operator calling me back to say she made a mistake and that our service could not end until August.  More payments for TV while we are not even here?!?!  I emailed our relocation expert and told her what was up.  She emailed me later in the day to let me know all was ok.  Our service would end on June 27th, the next billing cycle.  We then have 30 days to return the digital tv equipment.  Whew!  Problem solved - it was all just a mix up of Italian / English translation.

Brandon attended a 'Going Away' party for one of his classmates, Vincent.  There are three kids in his class who are being transferred this summer:  us, his friend Vincent is moving back to Belgium, and Hugo to San Francisco.

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