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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Goodbye Plants and Cat Frustration

Our portania (door person) came up and chose to take all of our plants.  I told her she could have until Monday to return the pots (we wanted to keep them).  A few hours later she handed me a bag with all the empty pots in them.

I thought I had a cat appointment at the vet this morning.  We need a certificate of health so that we can get an Italian Pet Export document and to show the airline that the cat is healthy.  After driving to the vet I found out that the certificate of health and the Pet Export document must be completed within 6 days of leaving the country.  Ugh!  Now I have another appointment on the 28th.

I spent the early afternoon cleaning the empty plant pots, painting in Brandon's room, doing laundry and cleaning kitchen cabinets.

It's really warm and humid today.  I don't like it, but that's life.  I could use a little bit of a breeze.  We normally get a nice breeze through the apartment, but not tonight.  Its 6:30pm and its 84F (although it says it feels like 91F).

Cotaletta and rosemary potatoes, thats whats for dinner tonight.

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