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Friday, May 6, 2011

Hunting for Glass

Back in October we had something heavy fall inside of our fridge.  The glass shelf/lid for the veggie bin broke into many pieces.  I never thought that finding a piece of replacement glass would be such a huge project in Italy, but it was.

This happened in October and I finally replaced the glass today.  Today....about 6 months later!

First off, the fridge is 13 years old, so no replacement parts were available.  So, I went looking for a glass business.  After several weeks of hunting - physically hunting, yellow pages, and on the internet, I came up empty.

I asked some parent friends at school, but no one was able to help me find a glass shop.

The funny thing is, I found a glass shop in Florence when we were there last month.  Unfortunately it was closed for the weekend, or I would have carried a piece of glass home with us.

This week I did another search for glass shops on the internet, this time using Googlemaps.  I found a possible  option, so I headed that way.  It was a commercial glass shop that manufactured and cut glass for large commercial projects.  They were kind enough to send me to another glass shop nearby.  I would have never found it on my own.  Like many businesses in Italy, it was located on a small alley.  The shop had no visible office or sign.  I went in and they were glad to help me.

We now have a new piece of glass in our fridge.  If anyone in Italy needs a glass shop, I now where on is!

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