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Saturday, May 7, 2011

Giro d'Italia - Stage 1: Team Time Trial

Brandon and I headed to Torino this afternoon to see stage 1 of the Giro d'Italia.  I'm continually amazed that I get to see so many of these famous bike races in person.   I sure will miss it when we move back to the US. I'll have to make a plan to visit the pro races in Colorado and California.  

We had quite a bit of trouble finding the starting area.  We had almost given up when we ran into road blocks for the race route.  We searched and found a place to park (illegally, but legal for the day since all traffic was at a standstill), and made out way to the race course.  

Looking down the course towards where the riders would be coming from.  

The Giro's first stage this year is a team time trial.  Each team races against the clock to post the fastest time on the course.

Team Omega Pharma

Team Astana

There were at least 3 helicopters filming the race for TV.

Team Aqua Sapone

Team Rabobank

Team Sky

Team Geox

Team BMC

Team Lampre.  Although this one is unfocused, I really like the effect on this picture.  

Team Liquigas

Team Leopard Trek

Team Quickstep

Team Movistar

Team HTC Highroad took first place, with Team Radioshack taking second, 9 seconds behind.  

This first stage of the Giro took place in Torino on the same weekend as another huge event - the gathering of the Italian Alpine Corps - kind of like our American 10th Mountain military division.  

 These veterans gathered to celebrate 150 years of Italian unity and to honor their corps.  I'm not sure how often they do this, but its a huge event.  Imagine a major city with campers, tents and beer drinking veterans taking up every open space.  It was crazy and here are a couple of pictures taken from the car as we headed out of the city on our way home.  

They drive around on trucks, tractors and old military vehicles...basically partying.  

We had a great day of watching the race.  Much better than our trip to the Tour de Trentino.  Tomorrow I may drive an hour south of Milan to catch a bit of stage 2.  

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