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Friday, May 27, 2011

Grade 5 Assembly

We attended Brandon's grade 5 assembly this afternoon.  The class presented skits, songs and info about the Units of Inquiry they studied this year.

Mr Partridge (principal) introduces the 5th grade

Brandon introduces a song the kids will sing

Brandon plays the wood block - frog sounds!

Brandon and his group present a commercial for an amazing toothbrush.   The unit of inquiry presented was "Persuasion"

Brandon reads a print ad of the toothbrush

More music

A great job by all!

They did a great job, as usual.  It's amazing how much they have all grown - physically and intellectually - since 3rd grade.  It's been fun to see their friendships grow as they move from year to year.  Three in the class will be moving this summer.  One to Belgium, one to San Francisco and Brandon back to Oregon.  The rest will move on to grade 6 at the middle school in Vedano.  

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