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Friday, May 27, 2011

Giro d'Italia - Stage 19, Bergamo to Macugnaga 209 km

Its really rainy in Monza, which is a bummer because the Giro d'Italia came through town today.

I headed over to Villa Reale around noon to see the race go by.  I had intended on riding my bike, but wimped out because I didn't want to get soaked.  It would have been easier overall though.  With all the traffic due to the road closure, I barely made it before the race came by.

Since Monza was only about 40 km into the race out of 209 km total, the cyclists were still bunched up in a huge peleton when they went by.  I could see their faces clearly and it was hard to tell if they were suffering after 19 days of racing or because of the poor weather conditions.

Well, this was my last Giro stage I will get to see in person for awhile.  I've loved the cycling culture here in Italy and Europe and will miss it when we move home.

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