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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Life Changes

So many times I want to write something delightful and interesting, and most of the time I end up writing about our day.  It makes for a great personal record of what we have experienced in the last year, but doesn't always seem so meaningful or inspiring to others.  I'm always amazed at my wifes ability to write.  I didn't know this about her until she started blogging - Kat Eye View. She continually surprises me with her interesting and insightful blogs.  She's a great writer and I admire that.

It's scary to and exciting that I am 42 years old and still don't know what I want to do with the next stage of my life.  I look at our move home to Corvallis as a new stage in life.  One that will bring a change in how we live, how much we travel and our daily lives.  Sure, some of it will come naturally since we've already been there and lived our 'Corvallis life', but much of it will be different.  We are different people from this experience.  Our friends are all different than they were two years ago.  Yet, at the core we are still the same people.  I wonder (and when I say wonder, I mean wonder - not worry) how Katrina will settle into HP life at home.  I wonder how Brandon will settle back into an Adams Elementary routine.  I really wonder what I will be doing, since I will be looking for full time employment.

I look forward to moving back into our house.  I look forward to seeing how the upgrades we are planning will make our house more comfortable and enjoyable for us.  We will be adding some new flooring to our bedrooms and the family room.  We are also having landscapers work on our yard and plant flowers so that it is in good shape when we return.

Katrina is looking forward to setting up and decorating her new front room Kat Eye studio.  I (and Brandon) are looking forward to building a model train room in what was once the extra/guest room.

I can't wait to see friends.  I can't wait to return to train club and volunteer for da Vinci Days again.  I can't wait to do some cycling in Oregon, hopefully with Brandon by my side.  I look forward to using our travel trailer again.  I look forward to feeling the icy cold waters of the Pacific Ocean on my feet.  I look forward to exploring new places within our own country.

I've been finding it a bit difficult to balance what is coming with what is now.  I've been thinking of the future much more now that our move home date is looming on the horizon.  Yet, I'm trying to enjoy each day we are here.  Life in Italy is wonderful.


I had a great time reading with 4 year olds in Transition class this morning.  I've missed reading with them since I've been sick for two weeks.  One student actually read three books to me with no problem.  Almost all the others told me the stories without any prompting from me.  That's incredible progress from when I started reading with them earlier in the year.

Brandon and I ran into three teen boys in the driveway as we were walking home from school today.  One of them said hi and started talking to us.  I ended up asking him about his car and he was very proud to show it off.  I'm not even sure what the name of it is?  Its a French two seater, almost smaller than a Smart Car.  He opened the hood to show me the engine.  The engine is the same as a low powered 125cc or less scooter.  He said the car can only do about 50km an hour (about 30mph).  Why so slow?  Well, we found out he was only 14 years old!  In Italy, kids can starting riding 125cc or less scooters at age 14.  They can't get a regular driving license until age 18. Apparently, as long as the power is the same as one of these small scooters, they can drive cars as well.  I found this very interesting.  He's not allowed on the Autrostrada, which is good since the car can't go fast enough.

I made Autumn Garden Soup and mushroom risotto for dinner this evening.  The risotto was prepackaged and was just average, but the soup was from made from scratch and it was delicious.  Three thumbs up.

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