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Saturday, February 26, 2011


We woke up to a beautiful sunny day in Venice.  After a quick breakfast, we checked out and headed into Venice.  Katrina wanted to wander an area we had not visited on previous trips, before heading to Piazza San Marco in search of Carnevale.  

Our hotel for many a visit to Venice

Brandon and I thought this shop keeper was expecting the next flood very soon.

We found more and more confetti as we got closer to Piazza San Marco

This is quiet and serene Venice

This is what the sanitary vehicles - garbage - look like in Venice

We made our way out of the narrow alleys and streets, onto the wide promenade that leads to Piazza San Marco.  From here it was no longer a quiet and tranquil Venice.  The party was just beginning and the tourists flooded the streets to check it out.  

The crowds continued to grow

This group came marching along singing and having a grand time.

Party band marching through the crowd

South American band in Venice

And it gets even more crowded...

Brandon decided he wanted a mask...a cat mask of course.  

And it gets even more crowded at we near Piazza San Marco.  On some streets, police were creating one way only pedestrian zones to help move people along.

Posing for...

...all the tourists and photographers.

Brandon and his cat mask

I liked this one.  Notice all the colorful zippers.

They start posing at a young age

Is this what's called a Poker face?

Carnevale 2011

Katrina and I thought we would try out Brandon's mask

There were several other interesting characters lurking in Venice....

...an ape man (is that the Joker I see beside him?)...

...a snail...

...and a Smurf family.

After a late lunch at Il Giardino di Giada, our favorite Chinese restaurant (yes, we ate there for dinner last night!), we headed back to Piazza San Marco before making leaving Venice.  

And finally, one last model...

...and the photographers.  

We had an excellent 24 hours in Venice, as we always do.  When we first moved to Italy Venice quickly became Katrina's favorite destination.  It was in my top 5, but never #1.  Now that we have been there 6 times, I think Venice is definitely in my top two favorite places in Europe and #1 in Italy.  

I am so glad we were able to experience one of Venezia's highlights, Carnevale.  It is quite the interesting festival.  

This evening we drove back home and headed to bed fairly early.  We have a 7am flight to Sicily we must not miss.  

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