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Sunday, February 27, 2011

Off to Sicily

We had to wakeup at 4:30am so we could catch our 7am flight to Palermo Sicily.  Once again, we flew on EasyJet, one of Europes low cost airlines.  

We arrived in Palermo around 9am, picked up our rental car and headed east to the town of Cefalu.  We will be spending the next three nights at Hotel Kalura.  Since it is still off season in Sicily, we were able to check in before noon.  Our room is located on the seaside, with a grand view of the Tyrrhenian Sea.  

If you look carefully in the mirror, you can see Brandon's bed.

Our room at Hotel Kalura

Views from our room

After getting settled in our room, we headed into Cefalu for the afternoon.  Lunch was our first priority.  We found a place right along the beach and enjoyed some pasta dishes.  

The beach in Cefalu

Katrina and Brandon checkout the layout of Cefalu

Cefalu boasts medieval streets and several historic sights.  It also has a long sandy beach that runs almost the length of town.  Above the town sits the towering mass of rock known as La Rocca (the Rock) where a Norman castle once stood.   

Church of Purgatory

Typical Cefalu street

At this point in time Brandon decided he wanted to take pictures, so I let him use my camera.  All the pictures for the rest of this day were taken by Brandon.  

Duomo di Cefula

KatEye photographer at work

Looking west along the coast

Looking east down the coast - notice the lighthouse

Brandon is fascinated by cats

Cefalu waterfront

Fun with Mom

After working our way down to the waterfront, we were hungry for a snack.  The piazza at the Duomo offered a nice place to sit and enjoy a treat and drink.  

Brandon's Puffle takes a snack break

The sun was beginning to go down and Katrina wanted to take sunset pictures, so we hurried back down to the waterfront.  

The evening clouds create an interesting sunset.

I thought this photo was great.  Brandon captured the sunset and the lock beautifully.  We have seen locks like this all over Italy.  Lovers hang these locks on railings and bridges, then throw the keys into the sea.  

Looking back at Cefalu from the waterfront

A Fiat 500, very similiar to the Fiat 600 our friend Jack is giving us when we return to the States.

Brandon was obsessed with stairs on this trip.  He took all sorts of stairway pictures.  I will make sure to have him help me do a Stairway blog.

We had a wonderful afternoon and evening exploring Cefalu.  We were tired from waking up so early, so we grabbed some pizza and headed back to the room to relax.  Tomorrow we will be heading to Segesta and Erice.

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