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Thursday, November 11, 2010

Quick Trip to Bergamo

Katrina took Mom with her to the Benvenuto Club this morning. Mom had a great time meeting all the women from all over the world.

After the Benvenuto meeting, they picked Dad and I up and we drove Katrina to work. Then, we headed to Bergamo for a few hours.

Bergamo, or rather the old town of Bergamo, is also known as Citta Alta, or the high city. It sits on the hill above the lower, modern city of Bergamo. Citta alta is surrounded by Venetian walls that date back to 1561.

The easiest way to reach the high city is to park below and ride the funiculare up the hill.

At the top, you enter an old world of medieval and Venetian style buildings. We didn't have a lot of time, so we wandered through town, only stopping for some tasty treats along the way. Mom and Dad enjoyed walking through the narrow lanes, looking at the amazing architecture and eating the various treats.

These are full of candies

The Camponone - Great Bell Tower


This is the right front corner of the Duomo. It was common to only use marble on the 'front' face of buildings.

The Colleoni Chapel, built in 1473-76.

Monk Beer

We only visited the town for about 2 hours. We had to return in time to pickup Brandon at school.

This evening we hung out at home and ordered pizzas for dinner.

Tomorrow we will take another relaxing day at home.

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