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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Martedì Mattina la Nebbia

Tuesday morning fog.  Its cold (5 celcius) and foggy this morning. 

I spent much of today in a PAB (Parent Advisory Board) meeting.  I represent the Monza schools, while three other parents represent the Milan schools.  We meet once every other month or so to discuss school issues with the each other, the owners of the school and the headmaster.  Today's meeting began at 10am and finished at 2:30pm. 

After school today, Brandon and I caught a ride from Sheila and Hugo to a birthday party.  Brandon's classmates, Giacomo and Filipo both turned 10.  The party was at Joy Village, a video game room and bowling alley.  They kids had fun while several of us parents enjoyed some drinks and chatting. 

Long and busy day, plus arriving at home at almost 7pm = pizza for dinner.  Our favorite, especially lately. 

Last night it temperature hit a low of 5.  Tonight the temperature is supposed to drop down to 3 degrees celcius.

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