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Thursday, October 14, 2010

New Airbed...and Attempted Break In

Last week I bought two airbed mattresses for our visitors. They were discounted half price at Carrefour. One is working great. The second one has a slow leak that we tried and tried to find, but couldn't.

We do have a fold out bed in one of our couches, but we all thought thought they would have more privacy if they slept in Brandon's room.

Rob ended up sleeping in Brandon's bed. Dylan and Heather ended up sharing the twin air mattress that works.

Today I returned the leaking bed and bought a replacement. Since the other brand was on discount, this is a different brand. Its about twice as tall as the first one. At least now we have a place for everyone to sleep.

Well, what a morning. I went out on the balcony to hang wet laundry and found the drying rack (full of clothes) laying down on the floor. Then I spotted sawdust on the floor near our bedroom door. Apparently someone tried to drill a hole through the door frame so that they could turn the lock and break in. Hmmm. I'm sure it happened last night or early this morning. Kind of scary.

They did not get in (drilled in the wrong spot!!) and they did not touch anything on the balcony. Brandon and I have our Pinarello road bikes out there...untouched. I think I will be moving them into the garage later today.

I recently wrote about the 'fortress windows'. We close them every night, but we generally leave the one to our bedroom open so we get some light. I think I will be closing it from now on.

I stopped to have Claudio cut my hair after picking up Brandon at school. He does a great job, but today he cut a bit short. I feel like a chia head.

I've been busy working on my lastest mosaic. The last one was made in the Roman style and completed with ceramic tiles. My latest project is made from tiffany glass. I'm almost done. I will probably complete the glasswork tonight, then apply the grout early next week. I already have plans for project #3 and #4.

I'll be sure to post pictures when I complete each project.

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