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Friday, September 17, 2010

Fortress Windows

Yesterday I wrote about fences and walls in Italy.  I've been meaning to write about this other topic since we moved here, but just never did...until now. 

Today's subject is about, what we call, "Fortress Windows".  Most homes, apartments and businesses have them.  They are blinds on the outside of the windows.  They can be wood, or more commonly metal.  They can be hand cranked or motorized to open and close them.  They are often painted to match the building or business.  Italians seem to use them mostly for security purposes.  Stores close them when they are not open.  Italians close them when they are not home, and at night. 

The front building of our complex

When we close all of our 'fortress windows', the apartment becomes pitch black.  You cannot see your hand in front of your face.  You could spend all day in the apartment and not know if it is day or night outside.

Building in our neighborhood

One of Katrina's coworkers from Corvallis visited for dinner a few months ago.  We showed him the fortress windows and he loved them.  He commented that it would be fun to setup a Star Wars video game on a large screen in front of the windows, thus being able to close the blast shields when attacked.  I could totally see that!

Another apartment building on our street

Supermercato Punto, our neighborhood grocery store

Short video shows our motorized blinds in action

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