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Saturday, August 7, 2010


Brandon and I intended to go for a ride this morning, but laziness took over. I spent some time working on this blog while Brandon played with his Legos and Katrina worked on her photos.

Later in the morning, around 10:30, Brandon decided that we should go riding. He was the strong one today, overcoming laziness. The two of us decided it would be a short easy ride today. We headed into Parco di Monza and rode some laps, but the park ended up being too crowded. Brandon decided we should explore a bit, so we headed over to Lissone and explored before returning home. We rode a short 16 kilometers today.

After showers and lunch, all three of us headed into Milan for the afternoon. Katrina wanted to do a little shopping and visit an art exhibit.

We caught the Metro in Sesto and rode it to the Castello, near the American bookstore. I wanted to pickup a few guidebooks to begin planning our big trips for the next year. (We are looking into Norway, a Nile River cruise and Greece) We parted ways at this point.

Brandon and I headed to the hobby shop while Katrina headed to the exhibit. Brandon and I ended up having troubles getting to the hobby shop. We usually just hop on streetcar #16 and it drops us off a block from the shop. Well, they are doing track and street maintainance (we didn't know this), so the streetcar only looped around to the back of the Duomo. We were told therer would be a #16 bus to ride, but we never saw it.

Plan B: we jumped on the yellow Metro line for a few stops, then walked about 6 blocks to the shop. The shop has a new name. It's not Stazione Centrale anymore. Its now part Lego store and part train store. They still have a pretty good selection of train items...I only spent 30 euro. And, the Legos keep Brandon busy while I shop.

Brandon and I spotted this Fiat 500 on our way back to the Duomo. It is very similiar to the Fiat 600 we have waiting for us in Colorado.

Brandon at Piazza del Duomo

From the hobby shop part of town, we did find the #16 bus and rode it back towards the Duomo, although it stopped short by a long ways. So, once again we popped down into the Metro and rode it to the Duomo. Katrina was waiting for us at Campo Marzio, one of her favorite stores. She was debating buying a leather briefcase. We talked her into it.

Katrina at one of her favorite shops in Italy

After dinner at Ciao, we rode the Metro back to Sesto, then drove home.

We had a good afternoon in Milan. It's been a couple of months since we have ventured down that way. I look forward to sharing it with visitors in the next few months.

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