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Friday, August 6, 2010


This week has flown by fast.

Brandon and I woke up early this morning. Brandon wanted to ride with the kids cycling club in Parco di Monza. Unfortunately, we never found them. It was probably some sort of Italian - English miscommucation. We'll keep looking for them and hopefully get better info next time.

We ended up riding on our Amelie/Mary-Julie route. We called it that because they are classmates of Brandon's and the route goes by each of their homes. Brandon wanted to explore a bit, so we turned off the main road onto some back country roads. It was fun, but we sure ended up on a lot of hilly roads.

Brandon takes a break during out ride.

We hung out at home this afternoon. I did some laundry and worked on this blog. We also did some slot car racing, Brandon's latest obsession.

This evening Mike came over to hang out and go to dinner with us. Brandon and I had spotted the Kings Head English Pub and Restaurant on one of our rides this past week. Fish and chips sounded good to me.

We arrived at the pub around 8pm, well before most Italians begin to think about going to dinner. The place turned out to be more pub than restaurant. They had plenty of beers, but only a few choices of food. No fish and chips. Mike and I ended up having burgers and fries. Katrina had a wrap and Brandon had bruschetta. It was actually pretty tasty food. Katrina really liked the fries, so we ordered more and some onion rings. We loved those so much that we ordered a third plate of fries for all of us to share. By the time we were done, we were exhausted and very full. Good times! Mike and Katrina decided that these were the best fries they have had in a long time.

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