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Sunday, August 8, 2010

Big ride

We slept in again this morning, almost to 9:30am.

Brandon and I ate a quick breakfast and got ready to hit the road. Our goal was to ride to Canzo today, up in the hills above Erba, on the way to Bellagio.

We finally left home around 10:30 and headed north. As usual, it was a very busy Sunday for cyclists. We literally saw hundreds of them, riding in packs, riding solo...just riding on a sunny Sunday in August.

Brandon tends to get a lot of stares and cheers from fellow cyclists. I can tell it makes him feel good and gets him excited because his speed usually increases. We rode to Lurago d'Erba, my usual route. Brandon has done this once and it was his longest ride until today - about 24 miles. From there it was new territory for him. Some short uphills and some long downhills led us into Erba, where we began our climb up to Canzo. Canzo is located in the foothills of the Alps. Its not a tough climb, but it is a few kilometers long and would be the hardest climb Brandon has done. He climbed all the way to the top without even stopping, even making me work hard a few times. Its fun to watch him get out of the saddle and start working his way up the steep sections. He has built a lot of confidence in his own riding abilities.

We ended up taking a snack break at the lake near Canzo, then headed back home. I could tell he was a little more tired, despite the fact that the ride home is more downhill than up. He didn't complain. We just took a couple of short drink breaks. He did it and finished strong - 60 km roundtrip, about 36 miles. His longest ride to date. He has now ridden over 400 km since he got his new bike.

This afternoon we just hung out at home. Brandon played Legos, read and watched some TV. I worked on getting this blog caught up to date, read and watched some TV. Katrina worked on the computer, took a walk, read and took a short nap.

Sundays are great for just hanging out, especially with all the travelling we've been doing.

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