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Friday, June 25, 2010

Off to Croatia

We are heading to Croatia today!

Brandon and I slept in a bit. It is summer vacation afterall. I'm not sure what time Katrina woke up, but she was up well before us.  She is working from home today so that we can leave on our trip at noon.

I spent the morning doing some last minute packing, making sure Stevie the cat has enough water and food, and getting the house ready for us to leave.

We left the house around noon and headed southeast to the Adriatic coast of Italy, specifically the town of Ancona. The drive took about 6 hours, including a stop for lunch.

Once we arrived in Ancona, we found the ferry terminal and checked in. We had about 30 min before they would start loading the terminal. When it was time to load, we lined up, went through passport security since we were leaving the EU and boarded the ship.

We were amazed at the cars, trucks and buses that filled the vehicle level of the ship.

After parking our car, we headed upstairs to find our room. We have a 4 bunk room for the three of us. It is small, cozy and our room for 1 night.

Our room for the night

Brandon wanted to explore the ship. It wasn't a big ship, but it did have several amenities: buffet restaurant, cafe, chapel, gift shop, bar, duty free shop, canino and nightclub.

We ended up eating dinner in the cafe then headed up to the deck to watch as we left the port of Ancona. We also saw a beautiful sunset and a full moon.

Up on the top deck before leaving Ancona.

Sunset as we leave port.

Looking back on the port of Ancona as the ship leaves

Sunset on the Adriatic

Moonlight on the Adriatic

Tomorrow we will wakeup in Split Croatia.

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