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Thursday, June 24, 2010

Last Day of School

Today is Brandon's last day of school.  He only has half a day so he will get out before lunch, at 12:15. 

I had to visit Decathlon this morning to pickup a couple summer shirts and some new shoes.  The shoes I normally wear with shorts had a blowout near my big toe, right foot.  I had been warned a few times, walking in the rain and getting my toes wet.  I just didn't realize they needed to be replaced until this morning. 

Katrina and I spent some time packing for our Croatia/Slovenia trip.  We leave around noon tomorrow, heading to Ancona on the east coast of Italy.  There, we will catch an overnight ferry to Split Croatia.  The newest adventure begins. 

At noon I headed over to school to pickup Brandon.  We said our goodbyes and headed into Vedano to run a couple of errands.  First stop was the post office, followed by granitas, and finally the bank for vacation money. 

After a lazy afternoon in the AC at home, Brandon and I got on our bikes and headed out for a ride.  We were told about a bike path that runs along highway 36, so we headed that way.  It's a pretty good route and we were able to cruise without any street crossings.  Brandon is getting pretty comfortable on his new bike.  I hope he keeps riding with me.  We ended up riding 22 km (about 13 miles) roundtrip.  The path is 22 km long, so eventually I will work him up to 44 km roundtrip. 

Katrina worked late this evening so Brandon and I ordered pizza for dinner.  We always love our pizza nights. 

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