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Friday, June 25, 2010

Split Croatia

We woke up at 6am to take showers and get ready for our arrival in Split. Unfortunately, we didn't think through our routine very well. We were ready and waiting by 6:30 and the ship had not docked yet. We could have slept another half hour.

We headed upstairs for breakfast. Well, Brandon ate some breakfast. I wasn't quite that hungry yet. The ship docked, we headed down to our car and waited for the all clear signal to disembark.

We had arrived in Split! We found a parking space near the old town and headed out to explore. I think this is the earliest we have ever been out exploring...7:30am.

Brandon points out our location on the relief map of old town Split.

The modern waterfront in Split.

A large part of Split's old city is built within the walls of Diocletion's Palace. The Roman Emperor Diocletion had this enormous retirement palace built on the harbor waterfront. The ruins of this palace are now integrated into the "new" buildings of the old city.

Column remains from Diocletions's Maseleum.

This niche in Diocletion's Palace once held a statue of a Roman emperor. We only found a statue of a tourist.

Beautiful Bouganvilla.

Fish market

As a fan of Coca Cola, I thought this truck was cool.

Split harbor

Statue of Bishop Gregory of Nin, located outside the Golden Gate of Diocletion's Palace. It is said that rubbing his toe will bring good luck.

The Silver Gate. Through this gate is the daily market.

We spent a large part of the morning wandering through the old city, ending up in the market. Split has a large daily market filled with fruit, veggies, flowers, nuts, candy, cheese, meats, random tourist items and much more.

The Green Market

Wild strawberries...they are so tiny but tasty.

Lavender is very popular in Croatia

Coca Cola in Croatia is running some sort of special event with red bottles. We thought they looked a little too much like ketchup bottles.

After a lunch break, we continued to wander through the old city for awhile before taking a break and checking into our hotel. Our room is at Villa Anna, just a few blocks from the old city. It was not quite ready for us, so we headed up the street and found a snack and drink.

Once in the room we took a break for awhile. I think all three of us fell asleep for awhile. Katrina did not sleep very well on the ferry last night. Brandon and I slept pretty well, but I guess we were still tired.

This evening we walked back to the old city to explore a little more and find some dinner.

Cool gate

Katrina and Brandon check out Aqua, a chain of stores in Croatia.

Jupiter's Temple. Notice the columns and arches of what was once the temple. Notice how the new building was built inside.

We headed to Pancho's for dinner. We spotted this Mexican cafe earlier in the day. It turns out that is is owned by a young American guy from Montana. Dinner was excellent. The best Mexican we have had in awhile. We had some burritos and great refried beans.

Croatian beer...tastes great!

After dinner we explored a little moreand took some night shots before calling it a night.

Evening on the waterfront, known by locals as The Riva

Having fun on The Riva.

Tomorrow we drive south to Dubrovnik.

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