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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Rain and Italian

8 out of the next 15 day forecast show rain or heavy rain. Woohooo.

After school today, Brandon and I went to next door to Parco di Matteotti to kick the soccer ball around. We took turns playing goalie and trying to score.

On the way back through the gate we stopped to chat with Anna, our portania. He husband came out and chatted with us as well. It was fun practicing our Italian. Brandon talked quite a bit. His Italian is amazing. He even said things that I didn't understand. They teased him about being a fan of AC Milan. They are Inter fans.

One of our neighbors, Marco, showed up with his son Francesco. Francesco is 4 years old. We ended up playing a little game of soccer in the lawn beside our building.

Anna invited me to stop by and talk more so that she can learn English and I can practice and learn more Italian.

This evening Katrina and Brandon pulled out a moving box and made a puppet theater. This weekend they are going to create some 'sets' and puppets. I'll try to record the performance for my blog.

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