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Friday, February 19, 2010

Oregon Coast

View of Mary's Peak from the Noel's house

I woke up to Katrina and Thatcher hovering over me. Katrina was trying to persuade me to pickup some bagels from Safeway. I finally relented.


We headed to the beach today. What a great day! It was sunny, warm and oh so beautiful . It felt like summer. We had to take two cars, so Katrina rode with Katey and the kids in their van. I drove our rental car and Errol rode with me.

Sleepy Thatcher-man

We chose Nye Beach for our first stop. The kids piled out and we headed out on the sand. They had a great time digging. We also tried to fly kites, but there wasn’t enough wind. It was a short stop at Nye Beach.

Digging at Nye Beach

A tired boy

Watching the waves

We were hungry, so we headed across the Bay Bridge to have lunch at the Rogue Brewery. Katrina really wanted to have the beer cheese soup, her favorite. We had a nice lunch, but the kids were ready to head back to the beach.

Rogue, its whats for lunch

Katrina's wish, beer cheese soup

Brandon and Makenna, showing off the latest in Rogue accessories

We headed back to the beach. This time, Agate Beach. Katey chose to nap in the car. The rest of us played on the beach. The kids had a great time digging, playing in the water and get all kinds of sandy and dirty. Errol, Katrina and I played with Errol’s kites. Katrina also took a ton of pictures.

The boots came off in a heartbeat

Having a great time at the beach

Brandon setup a 'mortar' business

Working hard in the sand

Errol played with kites

After a few hours on the beach, Beckett and Thatcher decided they were tired and cold. Time to go. Everyone was really tired, so we rode home in our own cars so that everyone could sleep. We ended up stopping at Dairy Queen for Dilly Bars on the way home.

This evening we hung out at the house. Errol made a great dinner – chicken stroganoff. Andy stopped by to say hi and ended up staying for dinner.

Tomorrow, Brandon and I fly home to Italy. Brandon was a bit upset about it this evening. He wants to stay in Corvallis. He is emotional and even a bit angry.

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