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Thursday, February 18, 2010

Beautiful Corvallis...or...Disaster at the Dentist

We woke up to beautiful clear and sunny skies in Corvallis this morning. It was also quite warm.

After a slow start to the morning, we finally got dressed and ready for the day. Brandon and I had dentist appointments at 11am. On Tuesday Dr. Travelstead prescribed some Valium for Brandon. We gave him one pill last night before bed and one this morning before the appointment. He was a loopy boy, but also very emotional. It didn't work. He was still too stressed and wouldn't let them do the work they wanted to do. He was supposed to get some sealant on his teeth. Oh well, at least he braved through the cleaning on Tuesday.

I had a small cavity to fill. Unfortunately, the first round of novacaine did't really numb my tooth enough. I immediately jumped when he began drilling, so we had to stop and give my another shot. All went well and we are finished with the dentist.

When we returned from the dentist, Errol was in the backyard constructing their trampoline. I helped him out with what I could and the kids were jumping within the hour.

Brandon jumps!

This afternoon Brandon, Makenna, Katey and Katrina went our for tea. I went grocery shopping at Safeway. Tonight I would be cooking some Italian for everyone. I also picked up some chicken burritos for Errol and I from La Roquita.

This evening I made pasta with Ligurian meat sauce, bruschetta, and salad for dinner. Everyone seemed to enjoy it. We also enjoyed a bottle of Nobile di Montepulciano.

After dinner we surprised Brandon with and early birthday celebration. He won't turn 9 until April 5th, but we bought his present here at the Toy Factory and wouldn't be able to hide it all the way home and through customs. We gave our 'inventor' boy a Lego Mindstorm. He was very excited. He also got a Lego Mindstorm supplement book from Meemaw and some Tin Tin books from the Noel's.

We also enjoyed cupcakes, ice cream and singing Happy Birthday to almost everyone - Brandon, Beckett, Thatcher, and Errol (he will be turning 40 this year!)

The kids went to bed. Katey did as well. Katrina, Errol and I stayed up till midnight talking and enjoying some beer.

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