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Saturday, February 27, 2010

First Bike Ride

Brandon and I slept in a bit this morning. He was up first and tried hard to get me up. I had another bad night of sleep. I was awake for a good part of the night - not even tired, feeling wide awake.

I base this sleeping problem on the following theory: 1) Arrived home from US with jetlag. 2) Got sick and spent most of the week in bed sleeping more than I should during the daylight hours. 3) Because of this day time sleeping, I didn't adjust to Italian time very well. 4) Now I am feeling better but my body still has not adjusted to local time. Conclusion: I need to stay awake and active the next couple of days so that I adjust back to local time.

Brandon and I wanted to do something today. What? We didn't know. We thought about going to Como, by car or train. Been there, done that a few times. We thought about going to Bergamo. We thought about going into Milan but couldn't think of anything new to do down there. We ended up going for a bike in Parco di Monza.

This was a great choice. Our first bike ride of the year (I've been riding on my own). We rode through the park and into Villa Santa for lunch at a Cinese restaurant I spotted quite a few months ago. We are always up for Cinese. Unlike Mexican food, there is plenty of Cinese and most of it is very good. This restaurant was pretty tasty, but not quite as good as the one closer to home. It was still fun to try a new place.

After lunch we hopped back on our bikes and took a cruise through the park. Ugh! Two weeks off the bike along with sickness and some weight gain add up to some uncomfortable riding.

I've been trying really hard not to obsess about my weight since we arrived in Italy. In the months leading up to our move I lost 20lbs doing Weight Watchers and was able to keep it off for the last 7 months and that was good for me. I rode my bike and didn't think about my weight too much. In the last three months I have slowly gained all 20 lbs back. Now I am thinking about it.

This evening Brandon and I went for a walk around the neighborhood. I just needed some fresh air and though a walk would be nice.

We just received a text message from Katrina. She was checking in for her flight back to Italy and found out that the plane is overbooked and she doesn't have a seat assignment. Bummer.

We just received another text from Katrina. She was able to get a seat on the flight, so she should arrive on schedule tomorrow.

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