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Sunday, February 28, 2010

Katrina Arrives Home

I had another night of restless sleep, although it is slowly getting better. I fell asleep at 9:30 when Brandon went to bed, but wokeup around midnight and ended up watching TV for a few hours. Once back in bed, I was able to sleep until 9am this morning.

Katrina will be arriving back home in Italy today. Her plane is scheduled to touch down at 11:40am. Brandon and I are looking forward to having her back with us.

We left for the airport at 11am. The airline website said her flight would be arriving at 11:49am. She actually called us around 11:40 and said she was in and would meet us at the Hertz office. We had to return the rental I had and pickup the new rental under Katrina's account. When I turned my keys in we asked if we could keep the same car. I had a Lancia and it only had 1300 km on it. They did let us keep the same car, so that is nice. It is basically brand new and is quite nice.

Katrina and Brandon spent the afternoon watching A Series of Unfortunate Events. I think Katrina needed some quiet time. Brandon was so excited to see her that he talked her ear off all the way home from the airport. The movie was a 'quiet' diversion.

I guess I was tired this afternoon. Katrina finally gave up and went to bed. I was on the couch trying to watch West Wing and fell asleep for about an hour.

Katrina brought a book back for me that I had been wanting, Zinn and the Art of Road Bike Repair. Several friends have told me that it is considered the 'Bible' of bike repair.

I just sliced up a bunch of fresh pineapple. Tasty! The downside; I noticed that the tag on the pineapple said "Product of Chile". Wow, another big earthquake. My thoughts go out to the people of Chile.

I remember the earthquake that hit Seattle several years ago. I do not recall what year it was. I think it was before Brandon was born. Anyway, I remember sitting in the back room of our house in Corvallis, chatting on the computer with a friend in Tennessee. The monitor started shaking. I turned around and the window frame seemed to be moving in the opposite direction of the back yard fence. It only lasted for about 10 seconds, but it was a bit freaky...and a little exciting. That was from an earthquake over 200 miles north of us. It's hard to imagine being in an earthquake the size and magnitude of those that hit Haiti and Chile.

It's good to have us all home together again.

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