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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Foggy and Frosty

We woke up to a very foggy and frosty morning. Katrina walked Brandon to school then headed to work early. Her manager, Michael, is here from Corvallis and they are very busy this week.

Tasha enjoying the snow in Corvallis

I received a report from my sister Heather that Tasha is doing well. She is home from a night in the vet office. I guess she practically pulled Rob into the house. She says that Tasha has an 8 inch incision on her back and a 4 inch incision on her neck. She will go back to the vet in two weeks to take out the stitches. Rizzo, their Golden was happy to have her home and kept sniffing at the stitches, so they put a shirt on Tasha to protect those areas. I'm glad she is doing well.

We had Jen, Mike and Micheal (Katrina's manager from Corvallis) over for dinner this evening. I made pasta with Ligurian meat sauce, bruschetta, and asaragi alla parmasiana for dinner. I did good, if can say so myself. I love cooking Italian style. I'm still learning, but I enjoy it.

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