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Thursday, January 28, 2010

C'e Sole, C'e Sole, C'e Sole!

Its clear and sunny this morning.

Brandon has a half day of school today. He gets out at 1:15, so really, its a 3/4 day of school.

Katrina walked him to school this morning then went to a Bunco morning with some of the Benvenuto club members.

I went for an earlier than usual bike ride. The sun is out and it was a glorious ride. I should have brought my camera. The Alps were clear, snow covered and inspiring. Today I decided on three cycling goals for this summer: 1) Ride up to the top of Brunate again, 2) Ride to Switzerland, and 3)Ride up the Alp d'Huez.

After picking Brandon up at school this afternoon, we took the bus to Sesto to catch the Metro into Milano, getting off at Porta Venezia. Our first plan was to visit one of the parks nearby so that Brandon could play. We found the park and playground. Brandon had a great time. Its been a long time since its been warm enough to play at the park. We ended up wandering through the park, stopping at another playground, then making our way back to the main street.

Riding the bus to Sesto

Having fun at the park.

Brandon was our navigator. We could have jumped back on the Metro to get to the Duomo, but we decided it would be more fun to walk. It wasn't all that far. We made our way towards Piazza San Babila, then to the Duomo. Along the way we stopped to look in shop windows, at fountains and at old buildings. Once in the Duomo area, we stopped at a little store that Katrina likes. One with all sorts of fancy pens. We ended up buying her a nice pen. We had a dilemma: Would we give it to her right away or save it for Valentines Day?

Brandon surveys a map of the Duomo area

We caught streetcar #16 so that we could visit Stazione Centrale, the model railroad shop. We were shocked when we entered the shop. What was once a nice model railroad shop is now a hobby / toy shop. Apparently it is under new ownership and the new owner prefers model ships and toys. Brandon was excited about their large disply of Legos. I was quite disappointed. The model train inventory that was left was mostly on sale. I wouldn't be suprised if it eventually all disappears.

Brandon ended up using the allowance he had saved up to buy a new fire truck Lego set.

We caught the streetcar to the Metro and took it back to Sesto. We arrived home about the same time as Katrina.

We had a great afternoon in Milano. It is so great that we can just hop on a Metro and be in the middle of such a historic ciy. I love it!

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