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Saturday, December 5, 2009

Saturday Market

I received a text message from Katrina this morning. She had arrived safely in Amsterdam and was getting ready to board her flight to Portland.

Brandon and I slept in until almost 9am. We woke up to sunny skies and cold temperatures.

We decided to take the bus into Monza and wander through the Saturday market. We had a good time wandering around, but didn't really find anything we wanted or needed. After the market we made our way through the pedestrian zone, stopping to check out the Christmas market. I found a 'hard to find' wine that was recommended to us by Gianluigi, one of Katrina's coworkers. Brandon found a German pretzel, so that was his lunch.

After a quick stop at the toy store, we made our way to the bus stop and headed home. I spent a good part of the afternoon watching TV and napping on the couch.

This was an interesting article about pasta.
I've learned a bit more information about pasta since we moved to Italy. Like the article mentions, Italians cook their pasta only until it is al dente. This helps the pasta retain its flavor and also makes it easier for the body to digest. To overcook pasta makes it gummy, sticky and changes the structure of pasta, making it harder for the body to digest.

This evening Brandon and I enjoyed some ice cream bars and a movie about super tornados that hit New York City.

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