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Friday, December 4, 2009

Rose Bowl...or Not

I was able to wakeup and watch the Civil War game between the Oregon State Beavers and the Oregon Ducks. It was a great game, for a couple of reasons: A berth to the Rose Bowl was on the line for both teams. It was a fantastic and exciting game. Since I was watching a couple hour delay, ESPN America cut out everything but the game plays, so it only took about 2 hours to watch. Unfortunately, I will not be watching the Beavers play in the Rose Bowl. They lost 37 - 33.

Its a rainy and cold day here in Vedano. Brandon has a half day of school today. He gets out right after lunch. His classmate Amelie will be coming over to play for a couple of hours.

Utility bills are very interesting here in Italy. We pay gas and electric. Water is included with the rent. The utility companies don't send meter readers around every month. We have had our gas meter read once since we moved in last April. They base your bill on some sort of average rate based on the occasional meter readings. We also don't pay monthly. It averages out to every two or three months. I don't understand, so I just draw my usual conclusion - "It's Italy" - and just go on with life.

I picked Brandon and Amelie up at 1:15. They mostly played on the computer. Club Penguin to be exact.

This evening Brandon and I took Katrina to the Holiday Inn Malpensa so that she an catch an early flight to Oregon tomorrow. I think her flight leaves at 6:50am. We thought is would be easier to stay in a hotel near the airport than wakeup at 3am and drive her to the airport. We will miss her...

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