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Saturday, December 12, 2009


Brandon and I were up past midnight watching TV, so we slept in a bit this morning. I think we got up around 9am or so.

We had an email from Katrina waiting for us on the computer. She is stuck in Corvallis due to an ice storm and may miss her flight out of Portland. She had an interesting evening -

Well, the day has been good but has ended in an interesting way. They've been predicting freezing rain/ice storm for tonight all week and it totally hit. when I left work at 6pm it was just starting to rain at HP but by the time I got to our side of town it was totally icy. I couldn't even get up the hill to the Noels on 30th, I was sliding sideways down the street (Applegate). I didnt hit anything, wasnt going fast enough but i ended up going around the block and parking at the bottom of the hill. Makenna had spotted me sliding around down there and errol came down to help me. I just grabbed my backpack and toiletries and a change of clothes and left everything else in the car. we literally had to crawl across the street it is so icy, until we could get to the grass/bark on their street and were able to walk a bit. i've never seen it like this... never been out driving in it for sure!

Oh, and then we watched a bus slide down their street and take out a couple of cars at the bottom intersection at Applegate. a couple of other cars came along and it ended up to be quite a pileup... sounds like everyone was ok - Katrina

Brandon and I spent the morning hanging out at home. He played on the computer, with his Legos and with his animals. I just hung out and played on the computer.

The Benvenuto Club held its annual Christmas Bazzaar this afternoon in downtown Monza. Brandon and I drove downtown to check it out. There really wasn't anything that interested us. I did find three Clive Cussler paperbacks for 4 euro. Considering new paperbacks run about 10 - 11 euro, that was a good deal. We also walked into the pedestrian zone to check out the Christmas market. There wasn't anything new, but Brandon did buy a German pretzel. We also bought some wurtzel for dinner.

We had a Skype call from Errol. Katrina decided to brave the icy roads and try to get to the airport in Portland. Errol and Katey are nervous about her decision. I must say I am a little bit nervous as well, although I've been watching the weather reports and probably would have made the same decision.

To celebrate cold weather, Brandon and I walked across the street to get some gelato. Two foods I still love in Italy, pizza and gelato.

I just received a text from Katrina. She made it to the Portland airport. Brandon and I were happy to hear she made it safely.

Back to watching Top Gear...

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