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Friday, December 11, 2009


We woke up to 1 degree celcius. There was a thick frost on the ground and the sidewalks were icy in spots when I walked Brandon to school. None of that matters too much since the sun is out and the skies are clear. That is most important to me.

There was another email from Katrina waiting for me when I woke up. This time difference thing makes it hard to coordinate phone calls. Anyway, she had a long day of meetings yesterday. Last night she enjoyed some Mexican food and margaritas with Jenny. She is having a good time. We miss her and look forward to her return on Sunday. Brandon and I are also looking forward to our visit to Corvallis in February.

I went for a bike ride around 10am, after the temps climbed up a bit - to 3 degrees! I tried a new route, heading east instead of north. It was a much flatter route, but its good to mix things up. I took it easy today since the roads had a few frosty spots on them. I'd hate to wreck my new bike.

I picked up Brandon at school this evening. He had an afterschool Christmas party and now Amelie and her brother are here to play for awhile. They are currently playing Wii.

After the kids went home, Brandon and I headed out to look for dinner. We drove by our neighborhood pizzeria but couldn't find parking, so we headed over to the Cinese restaurant. We still couldn't find parking, so we headed to the supermarket. Brandon ended up having Mac & Cheese (in our cabinet thanks to A. Laurie) and I bought some wurtsel for dinner.

Spent some time chatting online with Andy this evening. He's heading to the KINKfm holiday concert in Portland. Katrina and I went with him last year.

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