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Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Mercoledi - C'e Sole

It's a new day in Vedano. Another chance to start fresh and live life to the fullest.

I walked Brandon to school in 2c temps. It really didn't feel all that cold, and I guess that is nothing compared to many locations in the US right now.

I decided to wait a couple hours for the sun to rise a little more and for the temp to go up a few degrees before I hop on the bike. Today I will ride my Burley.

I had a good ride today. I rode my usual 40km. It was a bit colder than yesterday, but mostly sunny and nice.

Trek introduced its new Madone race bike that will be used by Team Radioshack in 2010.
This afternoon I walked over to Brandon school to read with the kids. I only read with three of them. Usually Ms Partridge keeps sending them one by one to read with me, but today they had their final choir practice before next weeks Christmas concerts. It was a short reading session, so I walked home.

Brandon and I had burgers and fries for dinner tonight. The burgers we've been making have been really tasty. I love Italian beef.

Katrina emailed again this morning. She is super busy, but having a good time. She finally visited Qdoba last night with Becky and Jen. She did some more shopping as well, with a few surprises for us. Hmmm?

I have an earache. I'm not sure what is up with that? It seems like I've had a lot more colds, earaches and sore throats since we moved here. I don't know why? Maybe the 'bugs' are a little different here. A couple of weeks ago I bought a headband for cycling. I was suffering from cold ears and a little inner ear discomfort. I've been wearing it and it helps a lot, but somehow I've still got this ear thing going on right now.

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