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Sunday, November 15, 2009

Venice and Back Home Again

We had another light breakfast at the hotel this morning, packed up and left our luggage in the office while we headed out into Venice one more time.

Ok, either HP has cut its advertising budget...or they are focused on a new target market.

Brandon, Heather and Carolyn

Another canal picture

Carolyn stopped suddenly on the bridge. We all thought she hurt her hip or put her back out. She was ducking out of a picture.

The sun was out for a short while.

Our goal today was the Peggy Guggenheim Musuem. Along the way we stopped to take pictures, shop and sightsee.

Laurie, the serious (and fashionable) photographer

Gondola on the Grand Canal near the museum.

The Guggenheim museum exhibits modern art in what was once Peggy Guggenheim's home here in Venice. Artists include: Picasso, Braque, Dali, Ernst, Pollock, Klee and many others. As with most museums, no pictures are allowed. They did allow pictures in the gardens.

Virtual water fall sculpture

Ok, Brandon thought this was a great sculpture...can you see why?!

Our upside down reflections on a sculpture in the garden.

When we were finished at the museum, it was time for lunch. One last meal out before we head home. We stopped at a cafe in a large piazza for lunch. Brandon was able to run around and play while we waited for our food to be served.

Lunch in Venice before heading home

An interesting 'staging' canal for gondolas

After lunch we made our way back to the hotel, picked up our luggage, rode the vaperetto to the train station, rode the train to Mestre, then drove home. Laure rode with us. Carolyn and Heather drove the rental car.

We arrived home around 8pm with a bag of McDonalds for dinner. It's the only drive through restaurant we know of here in Italy. Its funny, Italians make fun of McDonalds and its food, but the place was packed. The drive through line snaked out into the street.

Carolyn, Laurie and Heather spent the evening packing and getting ready for an early departure. Its been fun having visitors.

31 Week Gelato Count: 175
31 Week Wine Bottle Count: 33

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