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Saturday, November 28, 2009

Thanksgiving Saturday

I got up around 9am this morning. Brandon and Katrina were already up.

We spent part of the morning getting the house straightened up for our Thanksgiving guests, Mike and Jen.

Brandon and I walked over to see our gelato guy about getting a gelato cake for dessert. He is so great. He gave us a large cake for the price of a small cake. Then Brandon ordered a small cup of gelato and he gave it to us for free.

I've been limping around a little bit today, ever since I took a shower. Last night I was checking out the toenail on my small baby toe - left foot - when it just totally fell off. Or at least, 2/3 or it fell off. It didn't hurt at all. In fact, I wasn't sure what to do about the 1/3 that was left. I pulled on it a bit and it came off as well. So, I now have 9 toesnails. Obviously nails grow, but do they grow back after coming completely off? Anyway, it didn't hurt a bit until I took a shower this morning. I almost screamed when the warm water hit my feet as I stepped in the shower. Now it is sore, but I'm keeping it clean so it doesn't get infected. Did you really need to know all this..lol?

Turkeys do not come prepacked and ready to cook like they do in the US. Mike had to pull quite a few feathers out and break the feet off. At least this turkey did not have a neck and head like the one I saw in our neighborhood market this past week.

Mike and Jen arrived around 11:30 or so. Katrina and Jen took off for the Saturday market in Monza while Mike and I prepped the turkey. Mike had to pluck quite a few feathers from the turkey. He also had to break the feet off. At least we didn't get a turkey like the one I saw at Punto this past week. It had a neck and its head still attached.

When Mike was done prepping the bird, he gave a it a nice bath then I slathered it down for a nice oven tan.

Mike, giving the turkey a nice warm bath.

After the bath, we gave the turkey a good oil and butter rub for a deep dark tan.

Katrina and Jen returned about an hour after we put the turkey in the oven. They had purchased some olives and salami for a light lunch. This was followed by some Wii time.

Wii time.

Katrina and Mike each had recipes for cranberries and Jen was nice enough to bring two bags of berries with her from the US.

Mike and Katrina work on cranberries. Mike made one variety and Katrina made another. Both were excellent!

Checking on the turkey. It was smelling pretty good by this time. We sure wish we had a roasting bag. They don't seem to exist here in Italy.

Katrina makes the gravy.

Katrina set the table. Mike and I made mashed potatoes. It was close to 6pm and everything was ready.

We sat down to a nice traditional Thanksgiving. We were all quite proud of our accomplishments since each step seemed to be a bit more difficult here in Italy: finding a turkey, finding some of the ingredients, cooking a turkey in a small oven, etc. We did it and had a great dinner.

Later in the evening we enjoyed the tasty gelato cake Brandon and I picked out this morning, ending Thanksgiving with an Italian twist.

Cleaning up after dinner. Mike only carved half the turkey, so we had a lot of leftovers.

Jen and Mike relaxing after the big meal.

We are thankful for friends to enjoy Thanksgiving with in Italy. We are thankful for our friends and family. We are thankful for all that we have and for our health. What an experience these past 7 months have been.

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