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Saturday, November 21, 2009

Play Rug and New Bike

After getting to sleep late last night, our wonderful 8 year old decided it would be funny to wake us up at 7:30am today. We were not happy and could not get back to sleep.

Katrina wanted to visit the Saturday market in Monza to look for some boots and a few other things. Brandon wanted me to take him hunting for a play rug - one with roads - for his room.

We dropped Katrina off near the market then headed to the toy store. Wow! Christmas is in full swing here. The parking lot was full and cars were parked out on the street. We found some play mats with roads, but they were pretty cheap and made out of foam. We decided to head to IKEA where I knew they had play rugs. IKEA was the even more busy. We had to park far away from the store. We found the rug and were able to pay quickly in the credit card only line since most people here use cash. Brandon was anxious to get home and play cars on the rug. On our way home Katrina called and asked us to pick her up, so we ventured back into Monza.

Brandon playing on his new rug.

After lunch at home, I drove Katrina down to the art store in Monza. She wanted to shop there this morning, but it had closed for lunch by the time she got there. I drove around the block a few times until she returned then dropped her off at home so I could head to BiciMania. I was there to pickup my new Pinarello FP2. I guess this will be my one big souvenier from Italy. I'll post pictures tomorrow, but here is the catalog picture for now.

Pinarello FP2

Katrina and I started watching season 1 of 30Rock. Mike loaned the DVD's to us. What a funny show! We watched two episodes this evening.

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