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Sunday, November 22, 2009

IKEA Sunday

We woke up to a grey and drizzly morning in Vedano. Our goal for the day was to shop at IKEA early, before it became too crazy busy.

We arrived at IKEA around 10:30am. The store was very busy, but not crazy yet. We needed to shop for reading lamps for Katrina and Brandon, as well as some Christmas decorations for our tree. We have some ornaments we have picked up on our travels here, but that is all. We didn't bring any Christmas decorations with us from Oregon. We found some great ornaments and decorations. I'll post pictures when we put the tree up next weekend.

Unfortunately it became more drizzly as the day progressed. I had hoped to take a bike ride this afternoon. Instead, I worked on cleaning up the kitchen and watching a movie on TV.

We decided to put the Christmas tree up at Brandon's urging. We also put up a few decorations, but didn't decorate the tree yet.

Brandon wanted to play Settlers, so we did. Its not often he is willing to play games.

Do you remember what you were like at 8 years old? I remember some things, but I don't remember if I was a difficult child when it came to doing my homework at this age. We've been struggling a bit with Brandon and his school work. He complains that he has to do it, even though he gets very little on any given day. He hasn't been doing his 'best work' and needs to be continually reminded to put some effort into it. Why do we, adults and children, fight so hard to not do things that we must do, only to make it more work and time consuming that if we just didn't complain to begin with?

32 Week Gelati Count: 175
32 Week Wine Bottle Count: 34

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