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Saturday, October 17, 2009

Katrina's Birthday

We all slept in a bit this morning. I got up at 8am. Katrina got up at 8:30am. Brandon got up at 9am. Its another cold morning, but one degree warmer at 6 celcius.

Today is Katrina's birthday. Brandon and I gave her a digital picture frame for her desk at work, or for wherever she wants to put it. I bought the present and Brandon made the card.

Katrina's latest paintings. We hung them above our kitchen table. You can see more on Katrina's blog.

We decided to head into Milan of the afternoon. We took the Metro to the Duomo, then walked around a bit. We wanted to get some gelato, but ended up buying some sweet treats from a street vendor, enjoying them as we made our way down to the American bookstore. We also had to stop and buy something for our new nephew, Gavin, born today at 9:33am. We can't wait to meet him!

Enjoying some tasty treats.

We decided to split up for a bit. Katrina headed to an art exhibit while Brandon and I took the street car to Stazione Centrale to browse a bit. I think I have decided on the trains I will buy before we move back to the US.

After riding the streetcar back to the Duomo, we met up with Katrina and decided to wander the downtown streets. There were so many people out! The streets, piazzas and shopping areas were packed. Black is the color of winter. Everyone was dressed in black.

We tried some roasted chestnuts, but didn't really like them all that much.

Brandon used his allowance to buy a Ferrari Lego set.

We met up with Mike at the Duomo and did some more wandering before catching the Metro to Mike's neighborhood for dinner. We went to Pizza OK. Pizza OK is a favorite pizzaria of a coworker of Katrina's. He took us there on our preview trip and we decided to try it again.

The Duomo at night.

This is an interesting sign placed in the road when there is an accident.

After dinner we enjoyed some gelato at Grom, then said goodbye to Mike and rode the Metro home.

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