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Friday, October 16, 2009

Choir Concert

We woke up to another very cold morning - 5 degrees C. We had our first frost on the ground and on the cars in the driveway.

Katrina arrived home around 11:30pm last night. She has had a very busy week of audit meetings. This morning she walked Brandon to school, then left for work earlier than usual. She needed to meet with some people before they head back to the States and she wanted to be home in time for Brandon's afternoon choir concert.

I spent the morning doing some house cleaning. It seems as if I am always cleaning something. I don't know how only three of us can dirty the house so quickly. The apartment always seems to be dusty and the floors always seem to need sweeping.

This afternoon Katrina and I attended Brandon's school choir concert. He really enjoys choir and talks about it often. We had a good time watching and listening to all the kids. Its been interesting to hear all the different international accents.

Brandon is in the bottom left hand corner.

Ready for another song...

This evening we hung out at home. Katrina and I had bruschetta for dinner and watched a cheesy movie. We love my homemade bruschetta. Very tasty.

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