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Saturday, October 3, 2009

Italian Carnival

We all slept in a bit this morning. Brandon was the first one up. He came into our room looking for someone to get up with him. He needs to learn to let find something to do and let us sleep for awhile.

And what was up with Stevie the cat?! He meowed all morning and wouldn't stop.

Katrina and I finally got up at 8:30am. We enjoyed some mostly fresh croissants that I bought at Auchan yesterday. Katrina made tea and played Legos with Brandon while jammin to Rob Thomas' Cradlesong.

This afternoon we drove over to the indoor miniature golf course in Vedano and played a fun game. I kicked Brandon and Katrina's butts with of score of 47 to 69 and 70.

Afterwards we drove back home and walked over to the gelateria for a tasty treat. Brandon and I finished our gelati as we walked over to the carnival in the park next to our apartment. Katrina decided to go inside and paint.

Brandon and I walked around the carnival. Its a small one, but it was interesting to see what an Italian carnival is like. My first observation was that this carnival appears to be family operated. The biggest thing I noticed is that most of the rides did not have crowd control railings. There were no ticket booths either. You had to walk up the each ride operator in their control booth and buy a token. If this meant walking up on the deck near an operating ride, so be it. Once on the ride, your is placed in a coin slot at each seat. The rides were all clean and looked very well maintained.

One of the only rides with a fence around it.

Brandon and I rode on the Cosmic Interceptor. Brandon wanted to ride again, so I gave him 2 euro to buy a token. The woman told me I had to ride with Brandon, so I got a free ride the second time.

Brandon getting ready for takeoff. It was fun, but I wish this carnival had bigger rides.

Brandon and I on the Cosmis Interceptor

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