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Sunday, October 4, 2009

Sunday Drive

I slept in until almost 10:30 this morning. I didn't think it was that late when I got up. Brandon and Katrina were already up and had already played a game of Settlers.

After hanging out for awhile, we decided to get out of the house and take a Sunday drive. No destination, just driving until we found something or someplace interesting.

We headed north, turning off the main roads and heading up into the foothills and small towns that dot this area of northern Italy. We found great views, cool old Italian architecture and even a craft fair.

We decided to get out and walk around the craft fair, finding a fun wooden cat sign for our door and a cat clip for Rosella, our Italian instructor. We also bought some candied almonds and a small bag of jelly candies to eat while we drove.

After a couple hours of driving back roads, and some really narrow lanes, we found ourselves in Lecco, on the western end of Lago di Como. We drove down to the waterfront to look for a place for lunch, but ended up not finding parking. They were having some sort of festival and we were more in the mood to drive than to walk around, so we headed back towards home. We stopped in Luago di Erba for some gelato.

We had a good time exploring and enjoyed having no where in particular to go. Each little Italian town is so interesting in its own way.

This evening I made some ravioli's for dinner and we played another game of Settlers. Brandon really likes the game, so we are happy to play.

25 Week Gelati Count: 128
25 Wine Bottle Count: 23

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