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Monday, October 19, 2009

Circo Aquatico

It was a cold 4 degrees celcius when we woke up this morning. I got Brandon ready for school while Katrina got ready for the day. She walked him to school then met up with the Monza Walkers in the park for some exercise.

I kept busy doing my Monday cleaning of the house. I swept, mopped, picked up random things left around the house, dusted, did a load of laundry, watered plants, and cleaned Brandon's room a little bit.I planned to ride much later in the morning...maybe when the temp hits at least 10 degrees.

Ok, bike ride. It was chilly but not too bad. I don't ride first thing in the morning anymore. It's too cold. Today I rode my usual 40km route.

I made salsa this afternoon. Our wonderful friend Jen (Mike's girlfriend) gave me the recipe for her pico di gallo. Yum. I hope mine tastes as good as hers does. Probably not, since I had to use dried cilantro instead of fresh. They don't seem to have cilantro in Italy. We've searched and searched. I'm hoping to get some seeds and grow it on my own in the near future.

After school today Brandon and I went to see Circo Aquatico in Parco di Matteotti, right next door our our house.

The show was entertaining, but left a bit to be desired. The best acts included the hula hoop girl, the bicycle daredevil tricks and the juggler. The worst act was a man swimming back and forth in a tank of piranha. The fish were more scared of something in their tank! Ok, I'm humbled. I had to ask Brandon how to spell piranha, then I checked it and he was right and I was wrong.

The lone seal on display outside the bigtop.

Baby hippo smiling with Brandon.

Outside the gate after the show.

This evening I made pasta con pesto, salad and wine for dinner. Brandon loves pesto. Actually, Katrina and I like it quite a bit as well.

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  1. At 4 degrees celcius there it is equal to 39 degrees fahrenheit in the US!
    Formula to convert C to F is F=(cX1.8)+32.
    4 degrees Celcius X 1.8 + 32=39.2F
    So yep! it is getting cold there.