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Thursday, October 8, 2009

Birthday Bowling

Katrina slept in again this morning, so I got up and made sure Brandon was ready for school. We enjoyed a fairly warm and sunny walk to school.

I had my Thursday Italian lesson at 10am this morning. Katrina and Brandon didn't have lessons today. Katrina had a Benvenuto Club meeting and Brandon had an after school birthday bowling party.

One idea suggesion from a blog reader is to write about the fall changes. I have been planning to do that, but nothing is really happening yet. We started enjoying some fresh and cool autumn mornings recently, and our daytime highs have been mostly in the 70's, but other than that not much has happened. No trees losing leaves or even changing colors. I will write more and post pictures when it actually begins...thanks for the idea Aline.

After meeting Katrina at the Sporting Club where her Benvenuto meeting was, I drove her to work. This afternoon I had to visit the toy store to buy three birthday presents. Three kids in Brandon's class combined their birthdays into one bowling party after school.

I picked Brandon up after school and followed several of the other Mom's to the bowling alley in Lissone. How convenient for me! The bowling alley is located next door to Bicimania, one of my favorite bike shops. I was able to pop over to the bike shop for a few minutes so that I could lust after my dream Pinarello F1 road bike....I need to find about 1090 euro on cash...lol. (Hey, thats a bargain. The bikes in this shop range in price from 1000 euro to 14,990 euro.)

The bowling alley had a very large assortment of video games that gave out prize tickets. Each of the 30 or so kids were given two tokens to play games. Brandon conned me out of 2 more euro to keep playing so that he could collect 24 tickets. The 'cheapest' prizes were fancy pencils for 100 tickets!!

After playing games for awhile, they were divided into groups of 3 and assigned a lane to bowl two games. Brandon had an interesting time bowling. No matter what he bowled...1, 2 or 10 pins, the scoring computer gave him a strike. He was on track for a perfect 300 game when the computer decided to work properly on the 8th frame. He ended up with a 269 score! The bowling alley handed out some prizes for the highest scores and Brandon won a 3d train puzzle...how appropriate.

Why are bowling balls so heavy!

Brandon hit 6 pins on this frame...a perfect strike!...lol.

The afternoon ended with some chips, popcorn, cake and soda, followed by a little more video game playing. Brandon and all the kids had a blast.

Buon Compleanno to Vincent, Amelie and Marie-Julie

Katrina's timing was perfect. She called us to come pick her up at work as we were getting in the car. My oh my! Rush hour traffic was horrendous this evening. The joys of living in the city. We decided to pickup some dinner on the way home since it was close to 7:30pm. The only options for picking up a quick dinner in Italy seem to be pizza or McDonalds. We chose McDonalds so that we could eat on the way home. A taste of America.

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