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Saturday, October 10, 2009

Benvenuto Welcome Party

Brandon wanted to play a trick on Katrina last night. His idea: in the middle of the night Brandon and I would switch beds and Katrina would be surprised in the morning. Brandon woke me up very early this morning so we could switch places. Katrina was not surprised. She heard Brandon come in and wake me up, then crawl into bed. Oh well, he tried to be funny.

We spent almost an hour 'helping' Brandon put together the 3D train puzzle he won at the birthday bowling party on Thursday. What a pain in the rear! We managed to put it all together with no extra pieces, and that is without any instructions.

We attended the Benvenuto Welcome Party this afternoon. It was held at Cascina Costa Alta at the north end of Parco di Monza. We had a nice time. There were a couple of familiar faces from the ISM school and a few new people Katrina introduced me to. We had some nice chats, enjoyed some great finger foods, wine, soda and desserts. Brandon played games with the kids and ran around all afternoon.

This evening I picked up some pizzas for Katrina and I. Brandon ate some leftover pasta. After dinner we watched a TV show about the new Panama Canal channel that is being built.

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