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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Sick Boy

Brandon is home from school today. He is running a low fever, about 100.5. He wasn't feeling all that well yesterday when I picked him up from school. At least he's only missing a half day. School gets out at 1:15 today. It's not even October yet and he's already missed 3 days of school - 2 for Paris and 1 for sickness.

Its a hazy and humid morning in Vedano. We've been lucky to have so much sun. I hope it continues for many weeks to come.

View from our balcony.

My new dwarf lemon tree. It will eventually double in size. Lemons will be ripe in November.

We spent much of the day watching movies and TV.

I made homemade minestrone soup for dinner this evening. It turned out pretty good. We had some nice Italian bread and red wine with it. Brandon didn't eat much and we are not forcing him to eat at this point.

Brandon is feeling fairly good, but he is not 100% yet. No school for him tomorrow.

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