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I am a 45 year husband and dad, currently adjusting to life back in the United States after living in Italy for a little over two years. I love spending time with my family, cycling, model railroading, mosaics and watching TV and movies.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Sunny day in Vedano

Katrina walked Brandon to school this morning. I went for a bike ride.

I've keep finding myself riding the same somewhat challenging route every time I ride. Today I followed the same route about halfway, then turned right down a side road that I have seen other cyclists go down. The first part was narrow, but safe. Then I realized that I had turned into hill country. Lots of climbing on narrow curvy roads, through little Italian towns. Very cool! Unfortunately, I made another right turn that would lead me in the general direction of Monza. While scenic, the road was terrible...very, very bumpy. I found myself heading down into a narrow valley (I think it was the river Lambro?). Very beautiful! Of course, what goes down must go back up. I spotted a sign that said 10km to Monza and followed it, up a switchback road that led me back to my original route. Overall, it was a scenic ride and good to get off of the 'path most comfortable'. My legs still got a descent workout with all the hills, even though the mileage was lower. I like exploring. I love all the little towns. Each one seems to have its own charm. I still need to ride to Como again and make it up the mountain to Brunate, or over the other mountain to Switzerland. How cool is that! To say, "Oh, I just rode to Switzerland this morning."

I had my Italian lesson this morning and it went pretty well. Still working on verbs, but I'm getting better.

I also worked on some reservations for Katrina. When her sister is here in November they will be spending a night in Verona. I am also working on cooking lessons in Verrena. Laurie and I may take a cooking class if I can work it out.

Brandon had an ok lesson this afternoon. He was very tired after school and his stomach was bothering him a bit. He seems better this evening.

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