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Monday, August 31, 2009

New Car...again

Katrina woke me up at 8:10 this morning.  We are trying to get into a 'back to school' routine before Thursday.  Brandon is up, but laying in bed.  I don't blame him.  I want to go back to bed. 

I started another load of laundry this morning.  As I've stated in previous blogs, I do a load of laundry every day - at least during the week - but sometimes on the weekend as well.  We have such a tiny Italian washing machine and they take so darn long to wash - 1 hr 49 min for the short cycle.  Then we must hang dry everything because most Italians don't have dryers.  Anyway, after this mornings load of dark laundry I think I am pretty well caught up after vacation.

We had to take our car to the Linate Airport Hertz office to renew the contract for another month.  Unfortunately, we had to return our very nice Altra wagon since it was a 'temporary' upgrade.  Bummer.  I really liked the car.  They tried to give us a car that would have been the tiniest yet - a Chevy Matiz.  No way!  We finally ended up with a Fiat Idea again, the same car we had for the first couple of months.  At least we are trading in a car because we have to, not because of damage.  4 cars, 4 months.  Maybe I should add that to the weekly count!

We have had the AC off for two days in a row now.  The high today is only supposed to be 84.  I like this weather so much more than the 90's.  So far its not too humid today. 

Spent the afternoon working on laundry, cleaning the house up a bit and helping Brandon with his summer homework....how's that for parental procrastination.  He has to make a vacation journal for one week of the summer and needs to do it in Italian.  We will rise to the challenge. 

We drove over to pick Katrina up at work, then headed to IKEA for dinner and to look for a few things.  For once we came away buying less than we intended.  Our trips to IKEA are usually end up with more than we expected. 

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